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Family Photo Album
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Our family's together moments captured in time


Boys and Girls

A picture of us taken by Aunty Sila from Hawaii in the mid 70's.



A photo of my sisters. The mao sister, Fia and Manu, pictured here with Manu's sisters-in-law, Karen and Luise Sooalo, 1988.


Our Children

A trip around the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Pictured in front of the Mormon temple at Laie are the Mao grand children, Eugene and Lua Mao with their cousins, Dean and Robert Sooalo, 1995.


From left to right: Aunty Sila, Dean (ring boy), grandma Sia, and Dean's grandpa, Elia Sooalo, celebrating Karen and Brad's special day, 1994 at Haiku Garden, Kaneohe.


Beautiful shorelines of the island of Savaii


Fia and Pat Mauga

Joining in the celebration of Karen and Brad Danby's wedding day...Barry's and Manu's sister Karen's special day.


Manu Sooalo, 1995

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